Civil Litigation

“Civil litigation” refers to the entire range of court proceedings other than criminal cases. In simple terms, civil litigation is a lawsuit where one party (the plaintiff) seeks money or some other kind of award (damages) from another party (the defendant). Although I both prosecuted and defended criminal cases early in my career, I now limit my trial practice to civil litigation. 

I have tried over 100 cases to verdict, including jury trials in both state (Minnesota) and federal courts. Most of my experience is in handling business disputes, but I have represented clients in cases involving employment discrimination, personal injury, landlord/tenant disputes, insurance claims, mortgage and real estate disputes, and consumer fraud cases.

Finally, as an experienced trial attorney I have come to believe that in almost every dispute the best possible outcome is not one imposed by a judge, jury or arbitrator but one arrived at by the parties themselves, and I have represented clients in many successful mediations. 

I provide a free initial consultation for all civil litigation matters and am willing to discuss accepting cases under fee arrangements involving a contingent fee, an hourly fee, or a combination of hourly and contingent.

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